Public Media

Other published pieces of writing and Public Appearances:
NYU Jordan Center Summary of What About Tomorrow?
Sean’s Russia Blog Interview

A list of friends that carry Punks Around:
Microcosm Publishing, OR (Where back issues can be easily ordered)
Sorry State Records, NC
Book Thug Nation, NY
Wasted Ink Zine Distro, AZ
Block Street Records, AR
Quimby’s Bookstore, IL
Atomic Books, MD
Boneshaker Books, MN
Needles and Pens, CA
Econojam Records, CA
Thrillhouse Records, CA

Some things I Like and Listen to:
Street Fight Radio Podcast
Sean’s Russia Blog Podcast
Peripheral Histories Blog
Fluke Fanzine
Papercut Zine Library
Maximum RocknRoll
Paper and Ink Zine
Sluice Fanzine
Head Slam Zine
Mass Love Distro
West Oakland Punks with Lunch