Punks Around is a fanzine dedicated to creative writing and independent art of all forms. Each issue focuses on a specific theme and tries to capture a variety of voices, perspectives, and modes of expression. We don’t accept any racist, homophobic, sexist or overall exclusionary submissions. 

From the very beginning the zine was envisioned to be a platform for people to tell their wacky, harrowing, and interesting stories. We usually describe it as “those stories you tell at parties that your friends are sick of hearing, but you can’t stop telling.”


That being said, it is a submission-based bimonthly publication, and it can only exist so long as there are submissions. We accept:

Short stories (our favorite)
Black and white artwork
Longer stories (as in issues #1 and #2)
Reviews of punk, indie, and metal albums (including all the sub-genres)**
Show and venue reviews


*As long as the lyrics are your own or used with permission from the author.
** We will publish bad reviews under condition that the music or place being reviewed was treated impartially by the reviewer. This is not a platform for drama.